“In my view, the potential benefits of the Rescue Reliance go beyond vehicle extrication. It would greatly benefit medical responders at emergency scenes to obtain prompt information about the properties of particular poisons or other HazMats that may have injured a patient or contaminated a scene, or the nature and purpose of medicines taken by a patient. In these instances, the Rescue Reliance would protect the lives of patients and the first responders who treat them.”

Mark R.
EMS President

“Technological advances in automobile safety and electronics are presenting new and complex challenges to fire and rescue personnel. Modern airbag systems and other onboard safety systems have been effective in preventing serious injuries or death in otherwise lethal motor vehicle accidents. On the other hand, there has been an alarming increase in first responder injuries caused by airbag or piston deployment as well as energized wiring during vehicle extrications.

The Rescue Reliance represents a breakthrough in on-scene safety and security for responders by allowing them to immediately recognize hazards based on current vehicle engineering and mechanical data. This leading edge device will greatly benefit both the accident victims and the first responders who are there to help them.”

Daniel M.
Fire Chief

“The Rescue Reliance for Firefighters and EMS personnel will save valuable time in determining dangerous areas in vehicles and save time in rescue operations.”

Gary F.
Fire Chief

“The information this system will provide to first responders will not only reduce the number of on scene injuries but could prove to be a potentially life saving device.”

Peter A. 
Assistant Fire Chief

“I believe that the Rescue Reliance will provide crucial information needed in a timely manner allowing for a safer environment for everyone on scene.”

Carl B.
Assistant Fire Chief

“The Rescue Reliance would help us to quickly identify hazards and proper areas for tool placements on vehicles, there by saving time and speeding up the extrication process.”

Charles P.
Fire Chief

“Since the introduction of hybrid vehicles the new danger is the location of the high voltage cables and batteries. In this product will be the electrical diagrams of these vehicles which would help prevent injuries and show the procedures to safely deenergize the hybrid system.”

Fred M.
EMS Captain

“It is my firm belief that the Rescue Reliance would be an extremely useful tool for first responders.”

Marc F.
Fire Chief

“Whether it is a vehicle fire or extricating a victim of an accident, the faster we can identify these hazards, the faster we can put the fire out and safely cut the vehicle to free a trapped victim.”

Robert P.
Fire Chief

“The Rescue Reliance will save valuable time when extricating victims, while keeping firefighters safe.”

Charles F.
Fire Chief

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