Here's a basic, interactive look at how our program and app will work:

Our patented handheld device offers the advantages listed below. Our app and program will work on all devices!

- The Rescue Reliance can go anywhere YOU go, giving you clear, reliable information when and where you need it

- Vehicle Hazard Information – Instantly view clear diagrams and specifications critical to timely and efficient extrication, saving TIME and LIVES.

- Customizable with downloadable updates.

- Modules available for ANY Emergency Scenario.

- Low equipment and maintenance costs. 

- Compact, lightweight, mobile and rugged hardware Low energy demand enabling prolonged use with lightweight batteries.

- Ability to withstand extreme temperature, pressure, moisture, smoke, dust and/or kinetic shock Fast and reliable access to needed data.

- A small, notebook-type configuration with a keypad and display screen.

- Embedded operating system and single application software stored in flash memory.

- Single application software for reading a digital database and displaying text and graphics.

- USB port for plug-in flash memory modules.

- Various emergency and technical database packets stored on multiple plug-in flash memory modules.

- Electrophoretic display with high resolution, viewable at wide angles and in direct sunlight, with minimal power consumption.

- Optional data connectivity.

- No disk drives, only flash memory. Flash memory is non-volatile, which means no electrical power is needed to maintain the data stored on the chip.

- The Rescuer can operate the device in the field for many hours without the need for either cumbersome batteries or frequent battery replacement or recharging.  Flash memory also enables fast access to stored data and much better kinetic shock resistance than disk drive memory.


Ultimately, the success of our program and device will depend on the quality of the data/content. To this end, we will be seeking to partner with auto manufacturers and governments to ensure the most accurate and up-to-date vehicle feature and motor vehicle registry information. 

Extended Video Introduction: