David and Paul Smart are brothers, rescuers and co-inventors of the Rescue Reliance. Fourth generation Firefighters, David and Paul looked for a solution to the need of rescuers to quickly access vehicle safety data in harsh environments. They found only products that fell short of the rescuer's need for accuracy, mobility, performance and durability in the field, and so they created the Rescue Reliance.

The Rescue Reliance patent was approved by the USPTO on its first review, no questions asked. We're committed to building the Rescue Reliance in the USA. Our goals include advancing life-saving technology for rescuers in the field, providing assistance to rescuers and veterans, and promoting the Fire Service.

In 2015, we made round 2 in the annual Verizon Powerful Answers Awards contest. Although we didn't make the finals, our lifesaving mission continues to earn support and recognition, for which we're grateful. 

The Rescue Reliance leadership team includes prominent executives and accomplished professionals from major companies in the business, tech and medical fields. Most also happen to be longtime officers in the fire, rescue and police services.

While our Tech Pros are critical to the reliability, durability and accuracy of the Rescue Reliance, our Content Pros play an equally important role. Their job is to cultivate and maintain relationships with auto manufacturers, ensuring that we're able to provide the best available specifications for as many vehicle models as possible. Our 24-hour phone support will guarantee that NO responder will ever need to initiate an extrication without dependable technical backup.

Finally, our team is actively connected with the professional and volunteer rescue communities, and we're especially responsive to our customers' needs and feedback.