The Rescue Reliance: A common sense solution to today's vehicle extrication challenges. 

Developed by rescuers, for rescuers, the Rescue Reliance provides instant, critical information to first responders who need to extricate crash victims quickly and safely. 

                                              OUR MISSION: PROTECT CRASH VICTIMS AND RESCUERS

It's the last thing anyone wants to think about: a car crash. It's a terrifying thought, and the statistics are grim. In the US alone, someone dies every 15 minutes from crash injuries. More than 35,000 lives are lost every year. 

We're here to try to change those statistics... and offer assurance.   

We want to assure motorists that, with advanced airbag and other safety technology, cars offer more passenger protection than ever, and this trend continues. We also want to assure you that first responders everywhere, paid and volunteer, train and study constantly to improve crash victim survival. 

We want to assure Firefighters, Medics and Police that we're dedicated to arming them with the information they need to protect both crash victims and themselves during dangerous vehicle extrications. 

We're Rescue Reliance, and we're on a mission to save lives.


A crash victim may be bleeding, going into shock or cardiac arrest, but rescuers can't treat that victim without safe access. Many vehicle safety and other features can present a serious danger to both victims and rescuers during an extrication. Every vehicle is different, and firefighters must often take precious time to search for or look up the locations of airbags, fuel and battery lines and other potential extrication hazards, as well as the correct procedures to neutralize them. After a crash, EVERY MINUTE COUNTS for a victim's chances to survive. 


The Rescue Reliance eliminates the unknowns that rescuers face about a vehicle's hazards so that they can focus on caring for victims sooner. The Rescue Reliance SAVES LIVES by instantly displaying the locations of airbags, batteries, fuel tanks, and other hazards that can injure or kill crash victims and rescuers during an extrication.

The Rescue Reliance eliminates the need for responders to search for hazards for various vehicle models, dramatically reducing the time it takes to provide urgent medical care to crash victims, and helping to ensure that today's advanced vehicle safety technology contributes to positive outcomes for victims and patients. 


With the Rescue Reliance app, program or handheld unit, a rescuer will be able to input a vehicle's license plate number, VIN number or make/model, and instantly view a graphic, interactive display that identifies the locations of extrication hazards and provides instructions to neutralize them. The Reliance will also search available State Motor Vehicle Department databases to identify listed vehicle owners, which may help authorities who are trying to contact family members of victims.

Please see an interactive mock-up of how the Reliance will work here:
Feel free to click on the buttons in the mock-up, and see where they take you!

If you or a loved one was involved in a car crash, wouldn't you want your rescuers armed with the best available, most reliable and FASTEST information to help them get past the hazards that can get in the way of lifesaving care? Below is a video of a live vehicle extrication drill, with firefighters and EMS personnel explaining the challenges involved in EVERY crash. Please take a few moments to hear what they have to say:

We're deploying the Rescue Reliance in program and app form before we build our rugged device. We want to get our solution into the hands of the rescuers who need it without delay. While our patented device will provide ultimate assurance and reliability, our intent is to help save lives in any way we can. So, we're proud to announce that we will be partnering with Chop Dawg ( to create our initial app, for use across multiple devices and platforms.

We need help to get there. Please visit our links on Twitter and Facebook below, or contact us directly, if you'd like to help us in our mission to save lives.

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